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Kostas’ Meditation: A Guided Meditation to Enhance Health and Energetic Protection

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April 17, 2020
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In 1987 author Kryiacos Markides published "Homage to the Sun" -- a follow-up to his well-received book "The Magus of Strovolos" that was published two years prior. In both books the author documents the experiences he had with a mystical healer he calls "Dáskalos" (which means "teacher" in Greek), who performed an extensive series of healing miracles on those who visited him on the island of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

I n both books, Markides gives detailed accounts of miraculous events he witnessed, but because he was invited into the inner circle of Dáskalos' world, he was also present during the discussions and teachings Dáskalos gave to an ever-expanding group of like-minded healers and seekers of knowledge who called themselves "The Researchers of Truth." One of the healer's protégés was a man named Kostas, and in the chapter named "Three Bodies" Markides relates a healing and protection meditation that Kostas teaches to the group.


Kostas' Meditation

What follows are the details of the meditation from "Homage to the Sun":

"Kostas commanded us to sit as comfortably as possible, close our eyes, loosen every muscle within our body and begin to breathe deeply and with ease.

The Legs

"'You will now begin to exercise the sensate property of etheric vitality by feeling the soles of both your feet. Only the soles,' Kostas said slowly in a mesmerizing tone and repeated his instructions. 'You feel only the soles of your feet. No other part of your material body attracts your attention. You are at the soles of your two feet. You feel a soft vibration at the soles of your feet, only of your feet.' After a few moments' pause he continued his instructions, in the same slow and semi-hypnotic tone.

"'Now the kinetic property. Proceed slowly upwards toward the ankles of your feet. With the sensate property of ether you feel now the part of your body from the doles to the ankles.' After about half a minute Kostas continued.

"'The kinetic property again. Proceed gradually from your ankle to your knees. Now you feel your legs from the soles to the knees. No other part of your body should attract your attention. You are employing the sensate property of ether from the soles to the knees. The kinetic property again. Move slowly upwards through the thighs and reach up to the ponts where your legs join with the pelvis. Through the sensate property of ether feel your two legs from the soles to the pelvis. Remember, no other part of your body attracts your attention.

"'Now,' he continued, 'utilize the imprinting property of your etheric vitality. You visualize your two legs covered by an all-white irradiance. Only white light covers your two legs from the soles to the pelvis. With your thought make a strong wish that only health should reign within your legs.

The Abdomen

"'Through the kinetic property of your etheric vitality, 'Kostas said after about half a minute as we kept our eyes closed, 'proceed upwards through the pelvis, the abdominal region and arrive at the chest. Exercise the sensate property of ether up to the chest. Just remember, do not lay off the sensate property from the previous parts of your body that you have just covered. You feel your body from the soles of your feet up to your chest. Concentrate over that region.

"'Now use the imprinting property,' Kostas went on after a minute. 'Observe inside and around your abdominal region a white-blue light in the form of a nebula. It is a white-blue irradiance inside and around your abdomen. With your thoughts, wish that full health should reign within your gross material existence.

The Chest

"'The kinetic property again,' Kostas said after a minute of silence. 'Move upwards and proceed within your chest. Through the sensate property of ether feel the entire region of your chest and through the use of the imprinting proptery visualize the white-rose irradiance in the form of a nebula to cover the entire region of your chest, inside and outside. With your thought,' Kostas continued after half a miute or so, 'will that complete health should reigh within your psychic body. Make a strong wish that complete health must reign within the world of your sentiments. Peace and tranquility may prevail within your present self-conscious personality.

The Arms

"'The kinetic peroperty of ether again,' Kostas continued after a minute. 'Move upswards through your shoulders and begin gradually to descend through your arms. Reach down to the palms and fingers of your two hands. Throught the sensate proptery of etheric vitality feel now your two hands from your shoulders down to your palms and fingers. Now,' Kostas proceeded slowly, 'through the imprtinging property visualize your two hands covered with a white irradiance. Do the same with your two legs. Your arms and legs are now covered with a vibrating all-white luminosity. Wish that complete health may prevail within your two hands. Wish that these two hands become agents for healing the pains of your fellow human beings.

The Thyroid

"'Kinetic property again upwards,' Kostas went on after a minute. 'Come up all the way to your thyroid (throat area). Through the imprinting property of ether visualize the thyroid region covered within an egg-shaped white-orange irradiance. A nebula of white-orange light covers the region of your thyroid. Again wish that complete health reigns within your gross material existence.

The Head

"'The kinetic property of ether again,' he said after half a minute. 'Begin to slowly enter upwards inside the head. Through the sensate property feel your head. Imprinting property now. Visualize a golden nebula, a white-golden irradiance covers the inside and outside of your head. Wish that complete health must reign within your noetic body. Wish for right use of the divine gift of thought, wish for right thinking.

Protective Egg

"'You are now,' Kostas continued after a few seconds of silence, 'inside every particle and every cell of your material existence. White-golden light covers your head, white-rose light covers your chest, white-blue light dominates your abdominal region. Your pelvis, legs, arms and hands are coverd with white light. Now visualize that you are surrounded by an egg-shaped vibrating white luminosity. You are at the center of this luminosity. Pay attention, it is not something solid, it is an all-white light and you are inside it. Wish that this egg-shaped luminosity nuetralizes and dissolves anything that lurks against your present personality. It must neutralize it and not send it back from where it came from. Be careful about that. Wish that complete health may reign within your present self conscios personality.

"'That will be all,' Kostas concluded as we came out of our meditative state, opened our eyes and stretched. I looked at my watch. It took about half an hour to complete the exercise. Dáskalos, after thanking Kostas, instructed that for the following month we should practice daily with this exercise. 'It is training,' he said 'for mastering three of the four properties of etheric energy. It will also keep your three bodies in good health.'"

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