Gregg Kirk: Healer

Gregg Kirk has been practicing Reiki, Theta Healing, Human Tuning, Past-life Regression and Remote Energy Healing for more than two decades. He also firmly believes that the label of "healer" is a misnomer -- he doesn't do the healing. He holds space and facilitates love and healing energy from a higher source outside himself.

Healing History

K irk got his introduction to the healing arts in 1997 when he learned Usui Reiki techniques from a Reiki master and assistant, and he is currently a certified Reiki Master in the state of Connecticut. After receiving further training in Theta Healing and Gerald O’Donnell’s well-known remote viewing program, he combined the sum of these principals to develop his own energy protocol, with the addition of guided information he has received over the past few decades. Each energy session Kirk now gives is an entirely-guided experience that incorporates aspects of the above modalities along with astral projection, releasing attachments and blockages, and elements of Reflexology, Cranial Sacral, and Human Tuning (tuning forks) techniques. A majority of his clients have reported powerful healings and life-changing moments as a result of this work.

At the beginning of the new millennium, Kirk received several powerful attunements that triggered an ability to astral project and receive information from the Akashic Records. He was then able to help clients with blocked energy and energetic attachments by working with the client's spiritual guides to decipher past-life traumas and their meaning. He is also able to clear homes and objects of negative energy and attachments.

In December of 2016 Kirk was trained by Dr. Lee Cowden, MD in treatment guidance of the Cowden Protocol, a very successful all-herbal treatment program for Lyme disease patients. He is also a registered practitioner of the CellCore protocols. Since his training, Kirk has been helping Lyme patients all across the country with the protocol as well as herbal supplements and detox treatments he utilized in his own healing journey.

He has also helped patients of all kinds with remote and in-person Reiki/energy sessions. Details of some of the improvements patients have experienced are documented in several case studies Kirk presents in the video in the left column of this page.

Kirk is available for in-person consultations for herbal Lyme treatments, detox protocols, and Reiki/energy sessions at the Lyme Recovery Clinic & Detox Center at 528 Post Road Darien, CT. He is also available for phone and Skype consults as well as Remote Energy Balancing sessions by phone. Please feel free to contact him through the Contact Us feature on this website.

Testimonies from some of Gregg's patients in Connecticut:


I picked up a copy of the January 2021 "Natural Awakenings Magazine" in Wholefoods in Darien, CT yesterday and saw your Lyme Disease healing advertisement.  Last night I decided to look you up on the internet on my cell phone and came across your interview with "The Katie Augustyn Spiritual Connection Show" from a couple of years ago... When you came on the screen, and after a minute or two of talking, something rather unusual happened. Well, I considered it to be unusual.  I started to get a vibration which emanated from the phone, through my fingers, then hand, up my arm finishing at the third eye. I must have fallen asleep for a short time as you were no longer on the screen -- a different woman was.  I felt incredibly good on waking.

-- Ruth, CT

Our session was yet another reminder that we never know who spirit will put in our path to help us.
I'm so glad I listened to my heart (not my head) and came. Our session was so powerful and has made an impression on my soul. Thank you for helping me experience some pain-FREE moments. It would be better described in the positive as FREEDOM.
I wanted to walk last night and this morning. It's been years since that's happened. I began your book today. Thank you for putting so much of my experience into words. I spent the day reading it and crying. Time to let it go... many blessings and my deepest, heartfelt gratitude!
-- Stacey, DE

Gregg: A huge thank you for yesterday's session... so truly profound. It is interesting ... I was only tired for about an hour and then felt great. I am feeling very energetic and open today. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted... a weight I didn't even realize I was holding, if that makes sense.

-- Victoria, CT

Thank you so much for your time and treatment with the in-person energy healing session we did. I've had several supernatural experiences in my life; some were pleasant but one was not. After reading your book, I wasn’t sure what I was in for. So I was a little scared but trusted you and I was “all in.” The experience was powerful and I was able to drive myself home, but I knew I couldn’t stop anywhere. The best way I can describe the results is that I have a sense of well being that I haven’t experienced in a very long time. It was like a veil was lifted or I got a “reboot." I have more clarity and energy. I get tired but at least for now, not dead tired. I had a vision during the treatment, and I see it as a new beginning. Thank you is not enough for what you have shared with me.
-- Tracy, ME

I feel very different. I feel more open. I feel like I’m starting my life over again. I feel like I wasn’t alive before and now I’m more alive. I feel like there’s butterflies in my stomach; I’m so light. All the things I worried about before, I don’t have to worry about anymore. I don’t feel afraid anymore. I feel happy and grateful that I did that. Thank you, Gregg!

-- Valentina A. (9 years old), Sparta, NJ

My first healing session with Gregg Kirk, using Reiki, tuning forks and a bit of “magical” wisdom was outstanding. I felt flooded with energy. I never expected it to have such a pivotal effect on my life. The past life he revealed along with removing an interesting block catapulted me on the path I have always wanted to be on. I am so grateful for Gregg's skills and look forward to working with him again.

-- Marnie, Woodbury, CT

After 5 years of me struggling with Lyme disease, I am doing amazing after just a few months of treatment with Gregg!!! I have my life back… no, not really. This is such a better life than I even dreamed of when I was bed-bound for years and unable to even care for my children. Thank you so much, Gregg for all you have done to help me.

-- Amy, Liberty, KY

I asked Gregg to try to help my friend who was in a coma in the hospital. The things he was able to see and do with only a brief description of her was utterly amazing! He was able to locate her "energy body" and do some healing... and he even saw me trying to wake her up in the hospital the night before! No one was in the room but her and me! How did he see that?! Wow.

-- Ro S., Norwalk, CT

As a fellow energy healer, I can fully appreciate Gregg's ability to "see" on the astral side of things. I have engaged sessions with him on two occasions and even asked him to do an "emergency" scan before leaving on a trip last month. Gregg was able to make sense of energy blockages I had as well as an etheric implant. Very amazing and powerful work! I highly recommend him, especially to other energy workers.

-- Anonymous

I highly recommend Gregg Kirk as a healer to anyone who is experiencing a chronic illness or autoimmune disease. Gregg helps you to get to the real root of the problem by assessing the complete you: Your mind, body and spirit. Gregg takes the time to go through all aspects of your health and there is no doubt that he is listening and really hearing you. I had been experiencing symptoms of Chronic Lyme Disease for upwards of 1.5 years when we first spoke. Less than two months after our session, I was in remission. I could not have done that without Gregg's solid advice and insights.

-Anne F, Seattle WA