Gregg Kirk Interviews

G regg Kirk has been an expert guest on TV shows, radio shows and podcasts in relation to his experiences with Lyme disease, spiritual healing, and patient empowerment.

He has also done motivational speaking at churches, festivals and Lyme conferences across the country, and he has begun a speaking and book-signing tour to promote the release of his book "The Gratitude Curve," a memoir chronicling his experiences with healing a chronic illness.

In May of 2020, Kirk began co-hosting a podcast & video series with certified past-life regression healer Wendy Rose Williams.

“Waking Up Spiritually” is a bi-monthly internet broadcast especially for curious souls looking to make sense of their own, personal spiritual awakening symptoms, paranormal experiences and glimpses beyond the veil.

To view past broadcasts, you can go to their Waking Up Spirituallywebsite.

What follows is a list of Gregg's most popular broadcasts from various interviewers across different platforms. Click on the images or text links below to view or listen to the episodes featured.

Gregg Kirk tells his story of battling Lyme Disease for many years before coming very close to death. We also talk about the 3 lessons in life we must learn: Patience, Forgiveness & Detachment.

Gregg has written a book titled: "The Gratitude Curve" and it can be purchased on Amazon and his website.


On today’s podcast, Gregg Kirk, author of "The Gratitude Curve," lists the six steps to Lyme disease healing. A persistent Lyme disease survivor who lives in the heart of Lyme country in Connecticut, Kirk speaks about his healing journey through Discovery, Disillusionment, Treatment, Anger and Panic, Acceptance, and Gratitude, the final step of which ultimately inspired his book.


Well-known standup comedian Jim Breuer interviews Ticked Off Foundation founder Gregg Kirk, as he shares his supernatural experiences, explains the best way to remove a tick, and relates how laughing and mindset played a big role in his recovery from Lyme disease. Sorry about the bad WiFi connection!


Lyme Recovery Podcast with Heather Gray with special guest: Gregg Kirk | August 10, 2022

Podcast host & Lyme Boss, Heather Gray interviews guests who have achieved success with their Lyme disease recovery.

How to get to remission and stay there! Join Heather with Ticked Off Foundation founder Gregg Kirk, as he shares his supernatural experiences, how antibiotics almost killed him, and how he also came to be the founder of the Lyme Recovery Clinic.


Integrative Lyme Solutions with Dr. Karlfeldt Podcast with Gregg Kirk | July 14, 2021

Podcast hosts Dr. Karlfeldt and Lyme activist Tanya Hoebel interview guests who have successfully resolved their Lyme Disease using integrative approaches.

In this episode they interview author, energy healer and Lyme activist Gregg Kirk who discusses the ways he got worse through treatments that didn't work before he switched his treatments and his mindset to move into remission.


Sales Game Changers Podcast with Gregg Kirk | July 6, 2021

Sales Game Changers podcast host Fred Diamond interviews chronic Lyme conquerors JP Davitt, Tanya Hoebel, and Gregg Kirk. All three, after conquering Lyme disease, went on to create mission-driven organizations based on their recovery.

Tanya’s organization is The Lyme Center. Gregg created the Ticked Off Foundation,. JP and Tanya are also two of the founders of the Lyme Conquerors Mentoring Lyme Warriors Facebook Group. JP also created Lymefriends.


LymeVoice Podcast with Gregg Kirk | April 20, 2021

LymeVoice podcast host Sarah Schlichte Sanchez interviews Lyme survivor Gregg Kirk on his experiences with Reiki and other energy healing modalities and how they positively impacted his healing. Kirk has been practicing Reiki, Theta Healing, Human Tuning, Past-life Regression, and Remote Energy Healing for more than two decades. He also firmly believes that the label of "healer" is a misnomer -- he doesn't do the healing. He holds space and facilitates love and healing energy from a higher source outside himself.


Lyme Ninja Radio Podcast with Gregg Kirk | August 2019

Lyme Ninja Radio podcast host Mackay Rippey interviews Lyme survivor Gregg Kirk on the following topics: 1) The importance of creating a mindset that will see you through your Lyme Journey; 2) Why anger and healing don’t mix; 3) Why cultivating gratitude has a positive impact on your health; 4) Why Lyme disease should not be treated like a typical infectious disease.

Gregg Kirk was sick with Lyme for 15 years. After not responding to Western medicine treatments he started exploring energy work and holistic health practices.


The Katie Augustyn Spiritual Connection Show with Gregg Kirk | August 15, 2018

During the 27-minute interview, Kirk discusses his struggle with diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease, his ultimate recovery and the steps he took to get there. He also discusses his post-recovery life, detailing his establishment of the Ticked Off Music Fest, Ticked Off Foundation nonprofit patient fund, Lyme Recovery Clinic and the publishing of his book, “The Gratitude Curve,” that chronicles his road from recovery to personal empowerment.


"12 On Health" segment on Connecticut News Channel 12 | Friday, July 1, 2016

The interview by Gillian Neff covers tick awareness, details of diagnosis and treatment problems with Lyme disease and proper tick extraction. It also focuses on the patient fund Kirk founded for the Ticked Off Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting patients in financial and medical crisis.