Gregg Kirk: Speaker

Speaking History

S ince 1989, Kirk has been hosting and emceeing live events, food & music festivals and music awards ceremonies, as well as serving as a guest panelist at several music & entertainment conferences across the country.

In 2013, he began hosting and emceeing the Ticked Off Music Fest, a Lyme disease benefit concert series that has held events in Wilmington, DE, Jacksonville, FL, Annapolis, MD, Los Angeles, CA, Honolulu, HI, Woolwich, ME and Richmond, VA.

He has been an expert guest on TV shows, radio shows and podcasts in relation to his experiences with Lyme disease, spiritual healing, and patient empowerment. He has also done motivational speaking at churches, festivals and Lyme conferences across the country, and he has begun a speaking and book-signing tour to promote the release of his book "The Gratitude Curve," a memoir chronicling his experiences with healing a chronic illness.


In May of 2020, Kirk began co-hosting a podcast & video series with certified past-life regression healer Wendy Rose Williams.

“Waking Up Spiritually” is a bi-monthly internet broadcast especially for curious souls looking to make sense of their own, personal spiritual awakening symptoms, paranormal experiences and glimpses beyond the veil.

You can find their broadcasts on all of the popular podcast apps by searching Waking Up Spiritually and/or you can view the recorded broadcasts on their YouTube channel Waking Up Spiritually.

To find out more information about the hosts or to view all of their past broadcasts, you can go to their Waking Up Spiritually website.