Gregg Kirk

July 3, 2018

Patient Empowerment

Like most Lyme patients, I went for a long period of time of being sick and undergoing tests before I received a definitive diagnosis. Like most patients, I was used to trusting my traditional medical doctor because whenever I had a cold or a fever, he would prescribe some antibiotics and I would get better. As simple as that.
July 2, 2018

The Mind Body Spirit Connection & Chronic Illness

Everything is connected, and we are all multifaceted beings. But as we go about our daily routine, we seldom think about it until some obstruction or jarring event comes into our lives to rattle our cages and make us look at ourselves more closely.
July 2, 2018

Forgiveness — The Key To Healing

I have to admit that if someone would have told me that the key to healing was forgiveness when I had just been diagnosed with Lyme disease more than a decade ago, I probably would have bounced a bottle of doxycycline off of their head. It was the early days of Lyme for me and I was very focused on my symptoms.