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Godspark Meditation

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In early December of 2020, I began receiving channeled information about an area in our energy bodies that is located in our "heart of hearts" -- the very center of our heart chakras. It appears like a baseball-sized orb in the center of our energy field, and for some reason I had been completely unaware of it until now.

T his area has been referred to in biblical writings as the “Kingdom of Heaven within you.” I've been calling it the "Godspark" area. It is both an energy center and portal that is a combination of a person’s expression of their individual nature in this lifetime while being perfectly mixed with energy from the Creator. It is also where a person’s consciousness connects to their energy body and their Higher Self (which is outside of our time/space experience).

What follows are instructions for a new kind of meditation whereby we bring energy and wisdom in through our Godspark Orb center. This area feels more safe and secure than drawing in energy or messages from outside of yourself, and it helps establish our energetic autonomy.



1. Focus on the orb. Begin by focusing on this area in the very center your heart chakra (just behind your breastbone and just in front of your spine). Begin spinning energy around your energy body in a horizontal circle like a hula hoop of energy. Spin this energy from left to right and then around your back in the same direction. You are creating a torsion effect by doing this, the same as when you spin a teaspoon in your coffee cup quickly, which causes an eddy in the center of your cup.

As you spin the energy, feel this orb open up with love, healing, light and warmth. Allow this energy to expand around your body and eventually outside of it. Spend some time contemplating and basking in its goodness. This location is where you are connected to the Creator and your Higher Self. Nothing but pure Divine Love, Wisdom and healing energy are pouring through it and into you.

2 Go within. Once you've done this, you can actually look into the center of this orb and put your consciousness inside of it, as a place of sanctuary and healing. Do this if you are having a bad day or are feeling overwhelmed energetically. Spend some safe time inside this orb and begin to let limiting thoughts and beliefs leave you. They don't belong here. Feel your limitless self inside this orb. Try this on, like a set of clothes. You are much bigger, stronger, brighter and more magical than you have been led to believe, and it is here that you can tap into the true nature of who you are... and feel how amazing you really are. Contemplate and discover what your role is in this lifetime.

3. Expand outward. Once you’ve established the rise in energy from the Godspark area and contemplated within it, pull your consciousness outward and let this bright energy expand outward. At first it fills your entire energy body, but then it expands out into your energetic field. Once it has reach a comfortable size, allow it to form into a giant orb of white light around you. This orb will contain all of this energy and the perimeter will neutralize anything that doesn’t serve you.

Spend as much time as you need inside the orb and then draw your consciousness back out into your physical body when you are ready to rejoin the material world. But bring with you your newfound wisdom, energy and magical nature that you felt while spending time inside the orb. Also, notice how this energy in your field positively affects those around you when you meet them.

4. Send the love to others. If you are having a conflict with anyone where your words are not being understood or your best efforts to resolve the conflict are not bearing fruit, you can simply visualize the person's face in question and send love to him/her from your Godspark center. You only need to send and hold this energy for several seconds for it to become effective, and you can do this multiple times. You will notice that your conflicts and relationships will improve without the need to talk things through.

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  1. So Grateful for all you do.
    Love, Light and Blessings

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