"The Gratitude Curve"

T his book is a study in author Gregg Kirk’s decade-long struggle through chronic illness. Not simply a memoir of one person’s conquest over a life-threatening affliction, the book focuses on the attitudes and hidden lessons that changed the trajectory of the author’s life for the better.

Shining a spotlight on the pandemic of Lyme disease, Kirk dives into the unsettling details of his own symptoms, varied treatments (both failed and successful), and knowledge gained from his experiences.

The book makes a dramatic departure from the expected focus on physical treatments to the uncharted realms of spirituality and mystical healing and their very real impact on patients of chronic diseases.

Taking this further, Kirk meticulously details his experiences in Brazil with the world-famous healer John of God. In his accounts, the author describes not only his own healing miracles but those he witnessed of patients deemed terminal by their doctors and literally given up for dead.

NOTE: In light of recent events, controversies and litigation concerning John of God, you are encouraged to read Gregg's statement on the matter >>.

"This is not a story of how one patient conquered chronic illness. It's a story of how that patient listened to what the illness had to teach him.”

"The Gratitude Curve" excerpts:

As read by author Gregg Kirk with actual footage of John of God’s Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola in Abadiania, Brazil.

WARNING: Graphic video footage of live surgeries.

As read by author Gregg Kirk from the book's chapter titled, "The Gratitude Curve."


I met the author this past fall (2018) during his book-signing at Browseabout Books in Rehoboth Beach, DE.  I know our meeting was not by chance as I felt guided by several influences such as a need to be at the beach, reading about him in the local paper, and then a change of plans to seek a chance to meet him. Am I thankful all that took place! My usual practice is to read 2-3 at the same time.  It's rare I pick up a book and read it alone, cover to cover without putting it down. Only three books I've read have earned this singular praise --  Sun Tsu’s “Art of War,” “From Behind the Red Line” by Todd Hartje, and “Ghost Rider” by Neil Peart.  I have now added a fourth! “The Gratitude Curve” by Gregg Kirk. After we met, I became infirmed in two areas of my body. One area my surgeon attributes to my good friend Mr. Lyme. The other is still being evaluated. Needless to say my mental being is depleted as well. I say this because I had his book ready to read when I arrived home back in PA after our meeting but paused reading all together to address my challenges.  Last week I felt the longing to go to “my stacks” and immediately start reading his book.  I am still in awe of his story! I needed mental, spiritual, and emotional encouragement and with much gratitude I received that encouragement through the words of his story.  I feel that his "Gratitude Curve" is exponential and lives on touching others. Gregg, I am sure we will meet again here or in another life.  I am thankful for you and wish you peace and love. Warm regards,

-- Collin, Pennsylvania

I am now officially claiming REMISSION from Lyme disease. I wanted to let everyone know how great of a contribution Gregg Kirk made to making this happen. I would never have made it here without his book, our healing sessions and conversations. I am starting to do "consultations" for other Lyme patients. There are several parts of his book that I have been referencing in these consultations as well as recommending him as a healer. I feel strongly that I have discovered something, and it needs to be shared with others. I have ordered a few copies of his book to give out in my consultations with these Lyme patients. The part about the six different stages of the disease resonated so strongly with me and I want to be able to share that.

-Anne F, Seattle WA

Gregg’s ability to weave an interesting story around a topic is astounding. We turn the last page wanting more and are astounded by the fact that he is healed from a disease that is barely accepted in the medical community as one.

-- Denise, Lewes, DE

“The Gratitude Curve” chronicles the author's lessons from this illness for personal empowerment and overcoming it - this is especially informative for those with Lyme, family members or anyone seeking info and is genuinely a positive and informative read.

-- Glenn, Joplin, MO

Having the courage to fully embrace the 'breakdown to breakthrough' process needed to develop such well-balanced Divine Masculine energy is both rare and inspirational. I was awed by the gripping metamorphosis Gregg Kirk endured as the Red Dragon burns away what no longer serves him to be forged into the powerful healer he is today.

-- Wendy, Kirkland, WA

I began your book today. Thank you for putting so much of my experience into words. I spent the day reading it and crying. Time to let it go... many blessings and my deepest, heartfelt gratitude!
-- Stacey, DE